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34% of of aging men have low testosterone.

Danny Jones, PAC

A tremendously high amount of men live with low testosterone (low-t) without realizing the negative impact it has on many aspects of their lives.

Vitality Men's Center specializes in male hormone & testosterone regeneration therapy anywhere within the state of Idaho, including Boise & Coeur d'Alene. Our programs are proven to help men experiencing the effects of hormone imbalance, commonly referred to as Low-T, with an incredibly high success rate.

Because we offer testosterone regeneration therapy, we're typically able to get you the desired results without needles while allowing you to retain your reproductive options. This process is designed to help your body make more testosterone vs adding to it externally - providing a more natural, and effective, option. The typical results are incredibly effective in over 90% of men we treat. We use the most up to date cutting edge medical research, make treatment incredibly easy, and we pass on the savings to you.

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Adam Z.

"This treatment has made a very noticeable difference in my life. On this treatment I have a more positive mood most of the time and my sleep has improved. I’ve resumed going to the gym and actually enjoying it!"

Ellen B.


"What this treatment has done for my relationship with my husband is to give me back the man I fell in love with. I am so glad we stumbled across this treatment, I highly recommend Vitality Men’s Center and their team, I truly am grateful!"

Josh M.

35 years old

"I have been with Vitality for almost 2 years now. My energy levels are back to that of my 18 year old self. "

Rob B.

36 years old

"I started testosterone replacement therapy and within two weeks I saw a noticeable difference. I was sleeping much better, had tons of energy and my gym workouts were more aggressive. In general, I just felt younger."

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Why Choose Us?


New Membership Consultation

Your treatment will begin with a comprehensive new member consultation. Our providers will help answer your questions and determine the best treatment route for you. We treat men statewide.


Physician Guided Treatment

Vitality Men’s Center offers cutting-edge testosterone regeneration therapies, allowing a tailored treatment plan under the strict supervision of our licensed providers. Cutting- Edge Needle-Free options are available.


From the Comfort of Your Home

Attend your appointments on any internet-based device. Video directly with one of our providers and gain access to ongoing treatment, without having to leave your home. Save time, save money and keep your privacy intact. Because care is Virtual, we can treat you anywhere in the state!


Plans Starting at $99/Month

Our fees cover all of your VMC provider appointments. Without a physical medical office to pay for, we can pass substantial savings on to our patients.

Why Wait?

Common Treatable Symptoms

At Vitality Men's Center we generally recommend testosterone regeneration therapy for men who want to retain their reproductive options and are experiencing some of the most common symptoms of low testosterone, such as:

Our Pricing

  • Affordable, Expert-Led Therapy

    Our experts are here to guide you through transformative testosterone therapy. Start today and save with our selection of affordable monthly payment plans.
  • $189 New Patient Exam

    An in-depth video consultation where we conduct a thorough health evaluation, discuss your health history and review the results of your lab work.
  • Plans Starting at $99/Month

    Our monthly fees cover all of your Vitality Men's Center provider appointments. Due to medical & technical advancements, we're able to treat you virtually, and pass the savings on to you!

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