"I have been with Vitality for almost 2 years now. My energy levels are back to that of my 18 year old self. "

Josh M., 35

"I started testosterone replacement therapy and within two weeks I saw a noticeable difference. I was sleeping much better, had tons of energy and my gym workouts where more aggressive. In general, I just felt younger."

Rob B., 36

"What this treatment has done for my relationship with my husband is to give me back the man I fell in love with. I am so glad we stumbled across this treatment, I highly recommend Dr. Getz and his team, I truly am grateful!"

Ellen B., Wife

Why Choose Vitality Men’s Center?


Free Consultation

Schedule today & let's see if testosterone therapy is a fit for you. Our Idaho licensed physicians can help answer most of your questions before moving forward with any program.


100% Virtual Care

Attend your appointments on any internet-based device. Video directly with your doctor from the comfort of your own home. Gain access to medical experts without having to travel to an office.


Physician Guided Treatment

Vitality Men’s Center offers both testosterone regeneration (which is unique to us), and replacement therapies, allowing a tailored bio-specific treatment plan for each patient’s unique needs.


Plans Starting at $83/Month

Our fees cover all of your VMC doctor appointments. Without a physical medical office to pay for, we can pass substantial savings on to our patient.

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    Testosterone Therapy Can Improve Your Life

    Many men live with low testosterone (low-t) without realizing the negative impact it has on many aspects of their lives. We specialize in male hormone (and testosterone) therapy. Our programs are proven to help men experiencing the effects of hormone imbalance. We offer both testosterone regeneration and replacement therapies throughout the state of Idaho, including Boise, Coeur d'Alene, and all surrounding areas.

    We make it easy. We use the most current medical research. We provide an incredibly convenient process that removes in-office visits & wasted time.

  • Common Treatable Symptoms

    Decreased libido. Erectile dysfunction
    Loss of muscle mass, energy or stamina
    Poor sleep quality or insomnia
    Hormonal “moodiness”
    Decreased cognitive function or mental clarity
    Malaise: a feeling of general discomfort, uneasiness or pain

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    Free Initial Consultation: Schedule your 15-minute phone consultation to see if testosterone therapy is a fit for you before committing to any expense.

    $189 Patient Entry Exam: A one-hour video consultation where we conduct a thorough health evaluation, discuss your health history and review the results of your lab work.

    Plans Starting at $83/Month: Our fees cover all of your virtual VMC doctor appointments.