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At Vitality Men's Center, we offer 100% virtual low-T treatment. That means no waiting room, no wasted time, lower costs and no unnecessary trips.

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Rob B, 36

“I had been hitting the gym hard for over two years and adjusting my diet, but still wasn't see the results you would expect. On top of this I wasn’t sleeping well, had low energy and generally just felt old. I reached out to Vitality after researching symptoms of low T.

My blood work showed my testosterone levels were very low for my age (36). I started testosterone replacement therapy and within two weeks I saw a noticeable difference. I was sleeping much better, had tons of energy and my gym workouts were more aggressive. In general, I just felt younger.

I highly recommend Vitality Men’s Center for anyone experiencing symptoms of low T.”

Josh M, 35

“I was referred to Vitality Men's Center, and the provider had me do some blood work. When the blood work came back, my test levels were at 270. This is lower than most old men, and I was only in my early 30s.

I have been with Vitality for almost 2 years now. My energy levels are back to that of my 18-year-old self. I have lost that bit of belly fat, and my muscle has gone up. I would and have recommended these services to most of my friends. All of whom have reported similar results.”

Adam Z, 36

“I have been a patient of Vitality for over 3 years. This treatment has made a very noticeable difference in my life. Prior to treatment, my energy levels were low, I was tired a lot of the time, and it was hard for me to get quality rest.

With this treatment, I have a more positive mood most of the time and my sleep has improved. I’ve resumed going to the gym and am actually enjoying it!”

Ellen B, Wife Testimonial

“I was apprehensive about my husband starting testosterone therapy for many reasons. I guess I was afraid that it would turn him into a fist-pumping meathead or increase his sex drive so much that it would cause infidelity. The Vitality team was incredibly kind to not only my husband but myself. They took more time talking to me about these symptoms and my worries than I would have ever expected. The provider put me at ease and let me know that a lot of wives feel this way and that we could trust him through the process.

Fast forward two years… what this treatment has done for my relationship with my husband is to give me back the man I fell in love with. He is much more energetic, seems less on edge, seems to handle stress better and seems overall happier. He has been sleeping better, and his libido has increased (however that may be because he is finally sleeping well).

I am so glad we stumbled across this treatment. I highly recommend Vitality Men's Center. I truly am grateful!”

Anonymous, Client Since April 2013

"Before I found Vitality Men's Center, I was seeing my primary physician who put me on testosterone after I suggested checking my levels. It was discovered I was very low. After a heart attack and massive weight gain, I started reading many articles on the subject. My primary physician retired and I asked my new doc to check out my levels. He had his nurse call and said the level was in range and that was it.

I was blessed to find Vitality Men's Center while searching the net for answers. The provider asked about estrogen and noticed water gain and found my estrogen was very high and we are working to lower it. He asked questions and found problems my doctors did not notice. I feel better and am losing weight. Thanks!"

Jeremy B, Patient Since 2011

“I wish I’d discovered this 20 years ago!”

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