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At Vitality Men's Center, we offer 100% virtual low-T treatment. That means no waiting room, no wasted time, lower costs and no unnecessary trips.

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About Us

About Vitality Men's Center of Idaho

Vitality Men’s Center was founded because our team recognized a pressing need for quality medical male hormone therapy in the Pacific Northwest.

34% of men over 45 have low testosterone,
and this percentage increases with age.

Traditional treatment for low testosterone, or hypogonadism, generally falls under the responsibility of a family practice physician or internal medicine physician. Both of these specialties tend to practice under time constraints and a volume-driven care model which makes patient collaboration and engagement difficult.

Other specialists involved in the care of this patient population include endocrinologists and urologists, both of which specialize in the treatment of more complex conditions. All of these types of medical doctors focus on the treatment of life-threatening illnesses but often overlook treating problems like hormone imbalance which can have a profound effect on daily quality of life.

Vitality Men’s Center was created to address the need for specialists in the rapidly growing field of male testosterone therapy. As awareness builds among aging males regarding the benefits of treatment for testosterone deficiency, more and more men are looking for medical care in a convenient, affordable and effective format.

Our mission is to help rekindle our patients' desire to be active and to resume those passions and activities that have been neglected due to the loss of energy caused by low testosterone.

Why Choose Vitality Men’s Center?

  • Plans Starting At $99/Month. Our fees cover all of your VMC provider appointments.
  • Comprehensive Consultation. When your Vitality Men's Center membership begins, you'll schedule a comprehensive consultation with your one-on-one provider consultation to allow our team to get to know your health history, along with needs and goals for treatment.
  • 100% Virtual Care. Attend your appointments on any internet-based device.  Video directly with your provider at your own comfort and convenience.  Gain access to medical experts without having to travel to an office.
  • Physician Guided Treatment. Vitality Men’s Center offers both testosterone regeneration and replacement therapies, allowing a tailored bio-specific treatment plan for each patient’s unique needs.

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