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At Vitality Men's Center, we offer 100% virtual low-T treatment. That means no waiting room, no wasted time, lower costs and no unnecessary trips.

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Male Hormone Treatment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Male Hormone Treatment Options

The cost of prescriptions will vary based on the number of prescriptions needed and what each patient's insurance plan covers. For patients who don't have insurance, we recommend using the GoodRx site. You can find the lowest prices and print free coupons that can cut your prescription costs by up to 75%.

The cost depends on how many tests are needed and what each patient's insurance will cover. For patients without insurance, the lab often gives a discount if you pay in full up front or within the first billing cycle. The average cost for necessary lab work is between $150 and $200.

For the initial appointment, again in 8 weeks to check your dosage, and then if all is fine, every 6 months following. Some patients might require additional lab work based on their unique health and wellness needs.

The lab of your choice in your local area. If you would like recommendations, your personal primary care physician's office can generally provide a list of local labs where you can complete your required lab work.

Most local pharmacies are acceptable.

We do not currently accept insurance at this time. However, your insurance company may allow you to submit this type of care to them for them reimburse you directly.

The $189 fee includes the initial in-depth consultation visit and ordering of your first prescription. During your one hour initial video consultation, we conduct a thorough health evaluation, discuss your health history and review the results of your lab work.

As appropriate, a treatment plan will be developed and recommended for you. After your initial consultation if you decide to optimize your health through our customized treatment program, we offer simple payment options for continuation of services. Hormone test results are reviewed and a medication plan is prescribed.

Each patient must sign up for a follow-up program, with plans starting at $83 per month. This fee will cover all phone calls, emails, and follow-up appointments, allowing our providers to continue to prescribe necessary medication and monitor your blood levels.

After the initial visit, Vitality Men's Center will follow up with you by phone in 8 weeks. If there are no additional health concerns, you must have a phone or email check-in visit every 6 months. If you are not feeling optimal, or have concerns about your treatment, these check-in appointments will need to be more frequent.

We have an online program you can use to message our providers directly, check in for appointments and request refills.

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