Danny Jones PAC
Danny Jones PAC

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At Vitality Men's Center, we offer 100% virtual low-T treatment. That means no waiting room, no wasted time, lower costs and no unnecessary trips.

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Our Medical Team

Meet The Vitality Men's Center Idaho Medical Team

Danny Jones, PAC

Danny Jones is a 21 year veteran with service in the Navy, Marines and Army. Danny received his degree from University of Washington, and still serves in the Army Reserves.

Danny's motivation for providing male hormone therapy is the gratification of seeing men get back to a happier, healthier lifestyle, and the huge transformation this therapy can have on men’s lives.

Elliott Collins, PAC

Elliott joins VMC as a Men’s Health Physician Assistant. He has attended the University of Washington School of Medicine’s MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant program and earned a Master of Clinical Health Sciences in 2013. Additionally, Elliott continues to serve in the Army National Guard as an Aeromedical Physician Assistant. He has over 22 years of combined service and has deployed multiple times in support of the Global War on Terrorism; most recently during Operation Inherent Resolve. He prides himself on ensuring the optimal medical training of the MEDEVAC unit in both emergent point of injury care and en route critical care.

He is a strong advocate for Men’s Health Awareness, and you will see him every Fall supporting Movember and fundraising for these efforts. You will find that Elliott has a candor whereby it is easy to build a trusting relationship. This will serve him well as a member of the Vitality team who are all here to ensure you are living life to its fullest.

Fran Afana - Medical Secretary

Fran has been working in the medical field for over 20 years. She is a certified medical assistant and phlebotomist. Fran helps new patients feel at ease throughout the treatment process with her kind and attentive demeanor.

Fran is easily available to patients for scheduling, prescriptions and any and all questions. Providing the best possible patient experience is always her number one priority. Fran's favorite part of her job is being part of a team that does all they can to help people feel their best!

Phoebe Zilko, B.S., CNA - Patient Support

Phoebe works in patient support for current clients and is available around the clock.

“My husband is also a patient of Vitality Men’s Center, and his beginning this therapy program has made a big difference for both of us. Happy spouse, happy life!”

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