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A Guide: Hormone Replacement Therapy Services in Boise, Idaho

HRT Therapy Services in Boise, Idaho, offers a safe, effective alternative to the use of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) to help individuals suffering from the symptoms associated with androgenic alopecia or the more common form of male pattern baldness. HRT Therapy is an effective way to help men and women whose hair is thinning, receding, shedding, excessive hair growth on the temples and/or other areas, and hot flashes. Many people opt for HRT when other forms of therapy fail to work for them, as HRT is a natural, non-invasive therapy that is applied topically once a day to the scalp. Hormone Replacement Therapy usually takes several months before the full effects can be noticed. See more here.

When HRT is applied, the body absorbs the hormones from the synthetic hormone supplements. HRT therapy is sometimes accompanied by a topical cream that further protects the skin, hair, and scalp from hormone absorption. Hormone replacement therapy services in Idaho offer a wide range of treatments, from medicinal and surgical procedures to the more common and mild topical applications and HRT products. The most popular HRT treatment is the oral medication and topical cream that replace the hormones from low levels in the body and replace those hormones that are missing due to age or hormonal imbalance. These products are also commonly used to treat hypertension and high blood pressure, as well as many other medical conditions. See here for information about Boise, Idaho - What is Hormone Replacement Therapy.


Hormone replacement therapy services in Idaho also offer acupuncture therapy as another way to help treat the condition. This type of therapy works by stimulating the body's own production of hormones to aid in healing. There is currently not enough scientific data to indicate whether acupuncture is effective, but it is very popular with HRT clients. Hormone replacement therapy is not a guaranteed cure for baldness - just one more way to battle the signs of aging. The best way to determine if it is right for you is to speak to your doctor and to do your research!


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