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Boise, Idaho A Shopping Capital

Lots of Shopping Destinations

A tour anywhere is not complete without a little shopping spree. It doesn't matter whether you are looking to go for some clothes shopping or gift shopping there is something for everyone. Boise is home to some of the largest chain stores in the country, and there is even a farmers' market where you can grab some fresh produce straight off the farm. Click here for facts about Boise, ID.

Boise Farmers Market

For some organic produce direct from the farm, Boise Farmers' Market has got you covered. It is open every Saturday, and vendors from all over the city come to showcase their products to the people. There are numerous stands, all selling different things, and this the most recommendable place to get fresh fruits and vegetables and also prime cuts. Click here to read about Top Attractions in Boise.

Cravin's Candy Emporium

Branded the sweetest spot in Boise, your kids will love Cravin's Candy Emporium. The store features up to twenty-four flavors of gelato and offers a wide selection of nostalgic candy, handcrafted chocolates, hot/cold beverages.

Re-POP Gifts

This one is for all pop lovers and fans of pop culture. This tiny shop avails all things pop culture. From coloring books to jewelry, t-shirts, and recycled records, they have something for everyone. Be sure to stop by this shop on your tour of the city, and you will not be disappointed.


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