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    Testosterone Therapy Process

    Schedule a call with one of our providers to see if the testosterone therapy is right for you before committing to any expense. At the Boise Men’s clinic, we combine our expertise in the treatment of low testosterone with the telemedicine so you can begin your treatment for low testosterone in just a few easy steps. After the face to face consultation, we use the lab work from your primary care physician if you have been seen in the last few months. If you do not have any previous bloodwork done, we send you to the nearest diagnostic lab such as Quest Diagnostics. The lab work is done to measure a person’s current hormone level. Boise, ID can be seen here.

    Your Personalized Treatment Plan

    With our affordable initial evaluation fee, we can discuss in length your current health situation and figure out the best way we can go about managing and treating it. As is appropriate, our health providers then draw down a proper treatment plan that is custom-tailored to suit each person. The hormone test results are reviewed, and a medication plan is prescribed. At the Boise men’s clinic, we offer simple payment services if you would like to optimize your healing experience by opting for a custom-tailored treatment plan. Click here to read about Male Clinic Boise.

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