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Hidden Springs, Idaho - A Master Planned Community

Hidden Springs is an established community and officially designated place within the Dry Creek Valley of Ada County, Idaho, with around two hundred and sixty. Its current population was at least two hundred and ten as of the last census. The town is located at the confluence of three rivers: Wolf Creek, Sunflower Creek, and Cedar Creek, and is approximately two miles west of Sisters, Idaho, about an hour south of Lewiston. Learn information about Boise, ID.

The town is bounded on the east by the mountains of Idaho, west by the Ketchum and Kootenay National Forests, and on the north by the Continental Divide. Over half of the town's population lives in Idaho Falls and Idaho Bonner’s cities to the north. Between two hundred and three hundred people live in Lewiston and Idaho Falls. The median home value of Hidden Springs, Idaho is close to one hundred dollars, although the real estate market has declined recently. The decline in real estate sales can be attributed partly to the fact that Idaho has seen a significant increase in population and that Idaho has a low unemployment rate. In addition, the low cost of living has also contributed to the decline in home values. Discover facts about Real Estate in Eagle, Idaho- Perfect For Your Next Investment.

On a landlocked front facing the majestic Idaho Mountains, Hidden Springs is bordered on the west by the Snake River and the Ketchum Range, on the south by the Continental Divide, and on the east mountains of Idaho and Neel's Fork, an alpine tributary. The small community is strategically positioned to capture some of the seasonal recreation opportunities scattered throughout Idaho, especially in its vast area of mountains and natural forests. For those looking for a luxurious retreat with a location that offers easy access to numerous parks, fishing, boating, mountain biking, and other outdoor recreational activities, Hidden Springs may be the right place for you. At Hidden Springs, you'll enjoy a serene atmosphere, privacy, and serenity that will make you want to come back and stay again.


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