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Sexual Health

Low T Symptoms: Sexual Health

A healthy sex life should let a man fully participate in and enjoy sexual activity, regardless of age.

Symptoms of low testosterone can be seen in both sexual health, desire and performance.

Many men are unaware they are living with low testosterone levels, but have noticed a gradual decline in overall sexual satisfaction.

Men suffering from low testosterone often experience sexual health issues such as:

  • Gradual decline in libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Lack of confidence in sexual performance

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction occurs when insufficient blood flows to the penis, preventing full erection. It can be caused by many emotional or physical factors, or can be a symptom of serious illness.

“It is well established that testosterone can improve
erections in the majority of men who take it.”

- Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, Professor of Urology at Harvard-Affiliated University

Erectile dysfunction medications provide a temporary solution, but do not treat the cause of ED. Correcting a hormone imbalance though testosterone therapy often addresses the root of the issue, eliminating the need for ED medications altogether.


Libido is the measure of one’s sexual desire. In men, libido is most closely influenced by the hormone testosterone:

  • Libido is often closely tied to self-esteem
  • Decreased libido can create distance or tension between spouses
  • Spouses often blame themselves for changes in sexual frequency
  • Lack of libido can cause feelings of anger, resentment, and general relationship dissatisfaction
  • Lack of libido can be an indicator of a more serious health condition

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