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Southeast Boise, Idaho-A Fast Growing Residential Community

Southeast Boise, Idaho is a fast growing residential community that includes long stretches of the beautiful Boise River Greenbelt. Other nearby neighborhoods include the Greenbelt area, which has an active biking and walking trail, the Riverfront, where residents enjoy many outdoor activities, and the Barber Park, which boast an active neighborhood recreation center. The new mixed-used Bown Crossing area offers upscale restaurants, cafes, mixed-use shops, and an educational center. The mixed-use Downtown Boise development is home to restaurants, hotels, retail shops and a public library. The Bown Crossings neighborhood is the largest in downtown Boise and offers a unique and relaxing residential experience. It is also a convenient place to live for a variety of reasons. Boise, ID information can be seen at this link.

There are several areas within BownCrossings where residents can choose from single family homes, single story homes, duplexes, condos, townhouses, apartments, studios and lofts. Each of these choices provides different amenities, but they all have one thing in common - affordable living. In addition, the neighborhood boasts a wide array of educational, recreational and community facilities. The neighborhood boasts two parks, a recreational center, an athletic field, walking trails, parks and other special areas dedicated to special interests. Some residents even prefer to use the park's bike and walking paths instead of the streets. The Riverfront neighborhood, on the other hand, features a number of parks and other recreational facilities along its Riverfront Drive, including a large playground, basketball courts, volleyball and tennis courts. Some of the Riverfront residents have even chosen to include an additional swimming pool within the complex. Discover facts about Sonna, Idaho - A Great Place to Visit.

In addition to the residential communities, the Bown Crossings also includes office space, shopping centers and entertainment venues. The Riverfront area includes a large downtown business district. Nearby restaurants offer many different cuisines. There are also a number of bars and cafes within walking distance. There are even grocery stores and liquor stores in the vicinity. The shopping centers include a number of high-quality restaurants and stores. The Bown Crossings residential communities are a vibrant blend of residential, commercial and recreational opportunities that are close enough to help you relax and work throughout the day, while still being accessible to the main business districts of downtown Boise.

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