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Testosterone Regeneration vs. Replacement Therapy In Boise ID

Testosterone Therapies Available In Boise ID

Boise ID has many vibrant men engaging in all kinds of fun and professional activities. On the surface, everything seems to be working just fine for all the mature men in this lovely city and its neighboring communities. That is until you start digging a little bit deeper into the medical history of some of the men who live and/or work in Boise ID. That is when you will realize that most of the mature men in this city suffer from some serious maladies. One of the most common but highly concealed male medical problems in Boise ID is low testosterone (low-T) levels. Testosterone is one of the key hormones in a male body. It plays many different roles in the male body including:

  • Enhancing sexual health

  • Promoting mental health

  • Preventing weight gain

  • Enhancing athletic ability

  • Improving sleep quality

There are several symptoms that indicate that you have a low-T problem in Boise D. If you are having problems performing sexually, you might need to visit a good TRT clinic in Boise like Vitality Men’s Center. This male clinic offers various types of testosterone treatment therapies. You can either be treated using male testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or male testosterone regeneration therapy. The hormone specialist will prescribe the most viable treatment plan based on your medical history and your hormone levels. Today we are going to compare and contrast the two main low-T treatment therapies that are offered in Boise ID.  

Suitable/Recommended For

As indicated above, the two main low-T treatment plans in Boise ID are testosterone regeneration therapy and testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone regeneration therapy is usually recommended to men who want to continue reproducing while increasing their testosterone level naturally instead of injecting synthetic testosterone into the body. TRT is initiated on men who fall into treatable ranges with clear symptoms of hormone deficiency. You can be treated using either of these therapies in any Boise TRT clinic after a thorough medical checkup. 

Treatment Plan

There are two different methods or treatment plans for the two main low-T treatment therapies in Boise ID. For male testosterone regeneration therapy, the patient is treated with prescribed medications that are commonly used to treat men suffering from male infertility. No needles/injections are involved and patients do not come into contact with any controlled substances. It’s the most convenient treatment method offered in any Boise TRT clinic. It’s mainly offered to stimulate the body to start producing testosterone on its own. TRT is a little bit more complicated because it involves the administration of the actual hormone(s) directly into the body. Testosterone can be administered in a Boise TRT clinic through injections or using a patch on the skin, in the mouth, or gels. The patient receives prescribed medications containing the hormone(s) that his body is no longer producing including testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, or pituitary hormones.

Benefits & Risks

Both methods of treatment carry various benefits and risks in Boise ID. If possible, testosterone regeneration therapy is the best option. It’s less risky and it helps your body produce testosterone naturally. Men do not get sterile after undergoing this treatment therapy in a Boise TRT clinic. TRT is recommended for serious cases of low-T. It’s ideal for patients who cannot produce testosterone naturally. Although it increases testosterone levels in the body, TRT has one major downside in that it can reduce the ability of a man’s ability to reproduce by reducing the sperm count.  

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