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The Way of Living in Boise Hills Village, Idaho

Boise Hills Village, Idaho is one of the first planned communities in Idaho, built in the late 1950s as a planned community. It was designed with a mixed urban/rural style and was considered to be the model for future developments in Idaho. The village has grown to a huge extent, and today it is a thriving tourist community in Idaho. It offers a wide variety of homes in all price ranges and sizes. Learn information about Boise, ID.

Boise Hills Village, ID is among the largest cities in Idaho and situated on the west side of Twin Falls. The city is a vibrant, growing community filled with people and activity and has been a popular vacation destination for many years. It is considered to be one of Idaho's "greenest" cities and was recently awarded a ranking as one of the top twenty "green" cities in the nation by the Natural Resources Defense Council. The city of Twin Falls was named as one of the top ten "greenest" cities in the country by the same organization. This recognition is part of a growing trend toward cities that are more environmentally friendly and able to better protect the environment. The real estate values of these Idaho cities near Idaho's Idaho capital of Boise are very attractive indeed. Homes here are in all price ranges, from modest to high end, and have good size. There are also some very nice vacation homes available for rent as well. The main transportation systems in the area are the Silver Pass Bridge which connects Idaho's capital to Twin Falls and the Idaho Transportation Highway System. The City of Boise has its light rail system that connects the downtown area to the northern part of Idaho's Boise hills. All of these great transportation systems make getting around easy and safe. Discover facts about How to Find Your Way to Blacks Creek, Idaho.

The Boise Hills Village is just one of many planned communities around the Idaho capital of Boise. All of these planned communities are designed around attractive housing opportunities for all kinds of people. There are large housing developments and lots for individual homeowners, as well as apartment buildings for renting. There are even smaller housing opportunities available for families and young couples who want some more space than they get in the Idaho cities. There is no doubt that Idaho is a beautiful place to live in and there is no doubt that the Idaho cities, especially Idaho Springs, Bonner, and Ketchum will continue to attract many people over the next several years.

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