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    An Overview Of Star, Idaho

    Star, Idaho is located in the northern portion of Idaho. Star is an urbanized area in northwest Ada County, ID, United States, bordered by Canyon County to the south, Cedar City to the west and Ketchum to the east. The population at the last census was 5,703, up from just under 1,000 in 2020. The county's population centers are Willow Creek, Star Valley, and Ketchum. Star Valley has its own government and has its own tax department. The downtown area has a shopping center, a hospital, and a post office. Click here for facts about Boise, ID.

    Star, Idaho's economy is dependent on agricultural production. The state's largest city is Ketchum. It is the home to the Ketchum National Airport, and the capital city of Idaho. Star Valley, a rural area, is one of Idaho's major tourist attractions. There are some beautiful places to visit in this area. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, there is plenty to see in Star Valley. Click here to read about What You Need To Know About Southwest Ada County Alliance, Boise, Idaho.

    Star, Idaho has many historical sites that are interesting to see. You may want to make a trip out of it to see all of these sites. There are some great things to see here. One of them is the Condon Dam. This dam is located right on the Idaho River and helps to protect the environment and to provide irrigation to areas of Idaho and Wyoming. Other great things to see are the Big House, the Idaho Skywalk, and the Skywalk Over Water.

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