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What You Need To Know About Southwest Ada County Alliance, Boise, Idaho

The Southwest Ada County Alliance, Boise, ID is a small but important political entity that serves to protect the residents of the Southwest Ada County area from all forms of political corruption and from the misuse of our tax dollars. It has helped to bring many of these abuses to light and fight for what is right and proper in the United States of America. See more here.

When it comes to government, we have a lot of problems and the one area that I feel are getting the most attention right now is in the area of politics and election fraud in Idaho and elsewhere in the country. Many politicians will take advantage of their positions to do what is best for themselves and not for the people that they are elected to serve. When there are people out there that think the way that these politicians do there is going to be trouble on the road and I am sure this is the case. See here for information about Southeast Boise, Idaho-A Fast Growing Residential Community.

The SWABOID (Southwestern Ada County Organization of Leaders and Officials) has been fighting for the last five years to get the government in Idaho to begin protecting the citizens of the county and to hold elected officials accountable. We have seen that they are not. We are working hard with our local residents, political leaders and other organizations to fight corruption in the area and to make sure that all of our elected officials are doing what is in the best interest of the residents of Southwest Ada County and the citizens of the country in general. We need more political power like that in order to ensure that our children and their children can be able to enjoy the freedoms of a free and fair election without being threatened with violence.

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