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Boise, ID, A City Rich in History

History Capital of Idaho

The city of Boise is widely regarded as the capital of Idaho State when it comes to all things history. Featuring several memorial parks and museums, Boise has a lot of ideal destinations for all those looking to widen their knowledge of history a little bit. If a trip down memory lane coupled with a couple of history lessons are your cup of tea, then the following destinations should fit eight into your itinerary. Learn more here.

Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

Inspired by Anne Frank's faith in humanity, this memorial park occupies less than an acre of space. It employs different natural elements to extend a message of hope and spread information about human rights issues. Recent visitors described the memorial as a peaceful and beautiful place for contemplation while others say it's a moving tribute to one of the most famous Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Learn more about Boise, Idaho A Shopping Capital.

Old Idaho Penitentiary

This is a chance at exploring over a hundred years of Idaho's unique prison history. Visitors of the Old Idaho Penitentiary can walk through solitary confinement, cell blocks, and the gallows as they get insights into how the meanest criminals in the west served their time. A unique experience that is definitely worth a try.


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