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    Hidden Springs, Idaho - A Small Town With Big Waters

    Hidden Springs is located in the beautiful Idaho panhandle near Twin Falls, Idaho, and was built in the 1950s. When the huge satellite dish was placed into orbit, there was little choice for an Idaho mountain resort, because everyone else was already there. Today, Hidden Springs has grown to become a popular tourist destination that caters to an international crowd looking for a retreat. Hidden Springs is Idaho's version of St. Lucia, with lush scenery, plenty of wildlife, and some of the most gorgeous views of all of America. Further facts about Boise, ID can be found here.

    Hidden Springs boasts one of the largest ski areas in the west, with over 800 acres of ski and snowboard slopes for skiers of all abilities and ages. In addition to Hidden Springs ski slopes, several other small towns make Hidden Springs a great central location for a home. Many of these homes are available on modest incomes and Hidden Springs, Idaho homes are priced well below the national average. The resort town atmosphere adds to the charm of Hidden Springs, which is why so many people choose to move into this small Idaho town. Hidden Springs is also one of America's premier retirement destinations, due to the excellent medical and retirement opportunities available in Idaho. Hidden Springs, Idaho is a charming area with beautiful views, small-town activities, and idyllic areas for nature lovers. Many visitors are amazed by the serenity that Hidden Springs has to offer. The beautiful land of Hidden Springs, Idaho is located within a very small census-designated area of Idaho that is easily accessible and offers a safe environment for family fun and recreation. Information about An Attractive Living Option - Garden City, Idaho can be found here.


    Hidden Springs is located about two hours south of Boise, Idaho, and is about an hour north of Ketchum, Idaho. Hidden Springs was named by former US Senator John McCain and the world-famous British author Enid Blyton, who wrote a novel about Hidden Springs. Now you can experience the beauty and charm of this hidden gem in your own home. Stop into Hidden Springs, Idaho, and see why so many celebrities have chosen to call Idaho home.

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