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An Attractive Living Option - Garden City, Idaho

Garden City, Idaho is located in Idaho and is the second-largest city in Idaho. This medium to large population community offers a lot of activities for residents and offers attractive real estate options as well. The city is bordered on two sides by the Idaho panhandle and on the south by the Ketchum River. It is in the middle of the Big Bear Mountains and the University of Idaho is located in the heart of Garden City. Visit this link for more information.

The 2020 census reported that the Garden City, Idaho Center was the fastest growing area for the second year in a row. The growth rate is outpacing every other city in the state with a population of approximately thirteen thousand. The city is almost surrounded by the majestic Idaho panhandle and is bordered on its west and its east by the Snake River. The neighboring cities of Ketchum, Idaho, and Idaho Falls, Idaho have been gaining population since the 1990s. The median household income is close to thirty thousand dollars and the city has a low unemployment rate. There are many historical attractions in and around Garden City. The Idaho State Museum and Historical Society are in addition to the many historical landmarks and museums. The Idaho State Museum has an exhibit that is based around the events of the Chinese flu pandemic of 1969. For those interested in Native American culture, the Boise River is home to numerous tribes. Read about Garden City, Idaho - A Perfect Location For Retirement here.

The 2020 census placed the Garden City, Idaho Center at number twenty in the state's overall population. The largest piece of real estate available in this region is the approximately two hundred and seventy thousand-square-foot, fully furnished residence, the garden-style called The Winslow Property, which has a capacity for seven residents. Other available real estate options include townhomes and condominiums on land in the vicinity of this scenic area. The real estate here appears to be at an all-time high.

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