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The Effects of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy is a medical treatment that can help testosterone levels in men who have low testosterone. It has been shown to improve libido, mood, and strength. However, testosterone therapy also has some negative side effects for some patients. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of testosterone therapy so you can make an informed decision on whether it's right for you. Learn more here.

Testosterone therapy can improve libido, mood, and strength. It is a safe treatment with few side effects. Testosterone therapy has been shown to have positive outcomes for men who are recovering from prostate cancer or suffer from erectile dysfunction. Testosterone therapy may help prevent osteoporosis and may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease in older men at high risk. Learn more about Testosterone Therapy: What is It.

While testosterone replacement therapy is generally considered effective, there are some negative side effects that you should be aware of before choosing this form of medication. These include minor skin irritations such as acne breakouts and rosacea flare-ups; fluid retention leading to weight gain; sleep apnea (especially if taking these medications through an intravenous injection); and an increased risk for prostate cancer.

Testosterone therapy may also increase the testosterone level in children, which could have serious consequences if they go through their natural puberty with higher testosterone levels than normal.

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