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The Process Of Treating Low Testosterone (Low-T) In Boise ID

Low-T Diagnosis And Treatment In Boise ID

Boise ID has a serious low testosterone (low-T) problem. Many men in the city live with low-T without even knowing it. They are not even aware of the negative impact that low-T has on their lives. One of the main reasons why so many men live with this problem in Boise ID without even knowing it is because of the shortage of specialists in this rapidly growing medical field. 

Traditionally, low testosterone or hypothyroidism is treated by an internal medicine physician or a family practice physician. This presents some serious problems because these specialists operate under a volume-driven care model and these professionals are always under time constraints. This makes it difficult to collaborate with patients on a one-to-one basis and to engage them personally. The low-T problem also falls under the jurisdictions of urologists and endocrinologists who handle more complex medical conditions in Boise ID. They tend to overlook the seemingly harmless hormone imbalance in males. That is why you need the services of Vitality Men’s Center. This is a low T center in Boise specializing in male testosterone therapy. Low-T centers and clinics in Boise ID provide many services including:

  • Patient consultation

  • Medical checkups

  • Measuring hormone levels

  • Hormone monitoring

  • Administering low-T treatments

  • Evaluating treatment progress

  • Continued medical checkups

These are some of the medical services that you will get in a low T center in Boise. The biggest question in every man’s mind is how it all works out. You want to know how you will be diagnosed with low-T and how the treatment plan will be executed in a low T center in Boise. Read on to learn the easiest and most convenient treatment process for low-T in Boise ID.

Initial Consultation

It all starts with an initial consultation. If you start noticing any symptoms of low-T, such as poor sexual health, poor mental health, low quality of life, sleeping problems, weight gain, diminished athleticism, muscle atrophy, hair loss, thinning hair, and many more, talk to your personal physician. He will conduct some tests on you. If he notices or suspects a low-T problem, he will recommend a good low-T specialist in Boise ID. You will then consult the low-T specialist either by visiting his low T center in Boise or by calling him on the phone. The best low-T clinics in Boise ID offer free initial consultations. 

Current Physical And Lab Work

The next step in the treatment process is a thorough evaluation of your medical history and the analysis of your current medical condition in a licensed low T center in Boise. The low-T specialist can use a current physical provided by your personal physician if you have had a checkup in the last 12 months. You will also be sent to a local testing facility in Boise ID to have your hormone levels measured. 

Personalized Treatment Plan 

With all this medical information, the low-T specialist will come up with a personalized bio-specific low-T treatment plan for you. The home test results will be reviewed and analyzed and a viable treatment plan prescribed. You will either undergo the testosterone regeneration therapy or testosterone replacement therapy, also called TRT. 

Evaluating Results And Continued Testosterone Optimization

Throughout the treatment process, you will collaborate with your low-T specialist to keep your hormone levels in check. This is where medicine comes in. Your low-T specialist will monitor your hormone levels remotely. You will be rested after 8 weeks to check on your progress. 

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