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Garden City, Idaho - A Perfect Location For Retirement

Garden City, Idaho is located about an hour from Idaho's capital of Pullman. It is the second largest town in Idaho and is bordered by the Snake River and the Columbia River. Garden City sits approximately equidistant from two other small Idaho towns, Ellensburg and Ketchum. Its main attraction, the University of Idaho, is found in the historic district of its core. The population in Garden City is close to 10,000 at the latest count. Many international students come to study in Idaho's Garden City Colleges. Boise, ID can be seen here.

Garden City's per square mile income is more than twice that of Idaho's average per capita income. The per capita income in Idaho is over nine thousand dollars. The average home cost in Idaho is around five thousand dollars. The average density is less than one hundred persons per acre. Garden City has the most commercially available land of any city in Idaho. Located on the west side of Idaho's Capital City, Garden City is on the banks of the Boise River and is one of the most sparsely populated cities in Idaho. The city is almost surrounded by lush green hills and mountains and is surrounded by the magnificent Idaho National Forest. The average person living in Garden City, Idaho makes less than twenty dollars per year, but the area is considered to be one of the best cities to raise a family. The small-town atmosphere is maintained well, with stores, restaurants, and even a movie theater in the area. As you might expect, the city is popular for tourists and recently, it was chosen as one of the best cities in the United States in which to raise a family. Click here to read about Eagle, Idaho - An Idyllic Spot for Your Next Adventure.

The top business attractions in Idaho include the famous Idaho Test and Golf Championship, the Idaho Sports Hall of Fame, and the Idaho Potato Festival. Idaho is home to many popular attractions such as the Snake River National Park, the Idaho Science Center, Idaho Zoo, and the Idaho Opera House. The University of Idaho is the flagship school for the University of Idaho. There are many casinos in Idaho including the Treasure Island Resort and Casino's magnum. The boating season in Idaho runs from mid-February to march. Golfers can find golf courses all over Idaho.

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