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Enjoy Your Vacation in Sunset, Boise, Idaho

If you are looking for a place to have an Idaho vacation that offers scenic beauty, wildlife watching, sightseeing and shopping then you should plan your vacation in Sunset, Boise, Idaho. Sunset, Boise, Idaho is a small college town on the beautiful Idaho Panhandle. It has a small-sized market (less than a half of a square mile), but it is a great place to buy or sell real estate and is a popular University town. Many tourists come to this small Idaho town to soak up some sun and enjoy the outdoor ambiance, while in the evenings, you can find some great live music, and if you're lucky enough, you might catch sight of a very famous celebrity. See more here.

Sunset, Boise, Idaho area is one of the best Idaho locations to live, visit and explore because of the many scenic areas, beautiful scenery, and rich history. There are three natural golf courses in the Sunset area for golfers of all abilities. There are also several parks in the area for those who like to spend their free time outside while exploring the outdoors. The area near Sunset is full of shopping opportunities for visitors. There are lots of outlet malls, including the South Tacoma Commons at milepost two, and several large shopping centers including the Capitola Center for the Performing Arts, the Capitola Center for the Arts and Entertainment, and the Troy center. There are also some excellent restaurants, cafes, and privately owned hotels in the area. See here for information about Stewart Gulch, Idaho - Amazing Hiking Tips.

The area near Sunset, Boise, Idaho is also home to several fine ski resorts. The Idaho Ski and Snowboard Association put on several winter sports tournaments, and the area is served by the Silverwater and Sunlight Ski Resorts. All of these local attractions and activities make this Idaho vacation one that any snow enthusiast will thoroughly enjoy.


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